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                HOME | FAVORITES
                ·About us
                ·Big Events
                1996: Group company established;
                1998:established a joint venture with American Eaton Corporation in America under the name of “BorgWarner Shenglong (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.”;
                2003: set up “Ningbo Auto Engine Parts provincial research and development centre”;
                2009: SLW Automotive Inc was established at Sallisaw, Oklahoma and completed the acquisition of the Sallisaw oil pump plant under BorgWarner.
                2012:Ningbo Shenglong Powertrain Co., Ltd., a subsidiary under Ningbo Shenglong Group, and Precision Camshafts Limited in Republic of India, jointly established a JV named Ningbo Shenglong PCL Camshafts Co., Ltd
                2012: Waterfurnace Shenglong HVACR Climate Solutions Co. was jointly established by Shenglong and Waterfurnace (USA)
                2012: Acquired the 1946-established state-owned enterprise Zhejiang Linghua, and started construction of Huzhou base
                2014: Established Shenglong Group Party Committee
                2016: Completed the new building of Shenglong National Enterprise Technology Center
                Cropyright:NinBo ShengLong Address:No. 788, Jinda Road, Yinzhou Business & Investment Incubation, Ningbo, China